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Our first and primary mandate is:
To do everything within our powers
to bring our POW/MIA Brothers home and to insist that our Government
demands accountability
for each and every one of those patriots


At the end of the Vietnam War, there reportedly were 2,583 unaccounted for American prisoners, missing or killed in action/body not recovered. As of August 4, 2008, the Defense POW/MIA Office lists 1,754 Americans as still missing and unaccounted for, 90+% of them in Vietnam or areas of Cambodia and Laos where Vietnamese forces operated during the war.


A Legacy Tribute

You fought, suffered and died for your brothers.No parades, or open arms to welcome you home.Some came home to less, some came home to nothing. Some suffered mentally, some suffered physically, some both. As you bandage your wounds and pick up the pieces of your lives, There was a big part of you that no one could touch. A part that no one could know, unless in country.The love, loyalty and respect for your Brothers and your Flag. As you go meet the Brothers who have moved on,